is there a way to take a song like some pop or jazz or even classical and like turn into a rock song cause there are alot of songs i like that aren't rock that I would love to play with my rock band

ps sorry if this is in the wrong spot
My band have covered take on me by A HA and hit me baby one more time, it's easy to take a different styled song and make it rock.
...well, you could be a less narrow minded band and play stuff that isn't rock? =P

Nah I'm kidding... for classical I'd keep the main melodies the same but maybe change the backing section? Instead of chords on a piano for example, take the root notes and make some powerchords up instead?

It really depends which part of the piece you like, which part makes you want to play it in a rock band? Keep that part the same, and add the rock around it.

Oh yeah, rock drum beats too, obviously, would help.

As ed is dead said, distortion's good, and to get things rockier, maybe speed things up a little? (This depends on the piece, mind.)

With pop songs, you could again take the lead melodies on guitar, and stick chords or even a riff under that. With pop it's mostly the vocal melody that'll get the songs recognised, so you can do pretty much anything, just try to stick to the same chord progression. Also, throw in a real bluesy solo - you could replace a solo that is already there, or make room for one. (It's a bad example of this, but there's a heavy metal cover of Yellow Submarine on my profile - very different (and awful) but it does use the same chord progression, just in a riff.)

Jazz rocks anyway.

Ah, and one last thing: for many pieces when rocking them up, you could add an intro to it, something new, or add an outro?

Hope I helped some,

Ah, I just remembered a better example - this is a classical piece being rocked out on a guitar: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w_pkJc7dKvA and this guy has pretty much kept the main tune the same a lot of the time, and added heavier chords in the backround, in place of the classical ones.

A few more things this had made me add: for the lead parts, add extra improvised sections if you feel like it. Add more guitar expression such as bends and whatnot, shredding is fun, tremelo picking, palm muting... variations on the original theme. Sweep, if you can. (I cannot... sucks.) Tap, if you can. (I can... rules.)
Pinch harmonics too...

The backing section... take the main chords, but change the rhythm? Palm muting is good, tremelo picking aswell...

...really, rock's an attitude, though.
Try checking out the band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, they do this with country, classic rock, etc but make the songs punk. Its actually quite entertaining, the Come Sail Away and Rocket Man covers kick ass.
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Distortion, palm muting, and maybe a faster drum beat or somethin. I kno there are a lot of punk covers out there but they suck...all sound the same
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