doing a little research here for which guitar ill get in the near future and im pretty sure i want some sort of schecter...the 2 im comparing in this case r the c-1+ (flamed top mahogany body) and the artist limited edition(carved top mahogany body)...now im thinking about gettin the artist edition when its still around just becuase its got real seymours in it rather than "duncan designed", but i wanted to know if any difference in tone was created from one body being a flamed top and one being a carved top??
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I would like to point out right about now that the "carved" and "flamed" parts are really unrelated. Flamed Maple is a figured maple to whereas the "carved" part is just that it's not flat.
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They're both carved, only the C-1+ is flamed. I know I'd go for the Artist though. Better pickups.
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^^+1. You can have both on one guitar. Look at the Exotic Star (first one that came to mind), carved top with flame (quilt?) maple.