Ok, so ITT tell the pit what your favorite movie is that a lot of people don't know about. Just make a list of those hidden gems.
Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
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Last Days (Kurt Cobain Doc.)

quite possibly the worst movie ever. it is NOT a kurt cobain documentary. it is NOT deep. its just stupid and uses cobain as a vehicle for sales.
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Last Days (Kurt Cobain Doc.)

Last Days is loosely based around Cobain's last days, it's hardly a documentary. Also, I believe Elephant is a much better Van Sant movie than Last Days. I've got tons of great indie movies, maybe I'll come back and write up a list for you later.
The Sandlot
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Control. It's a movie about the life (and suicide) of Joy Division's singer. Really dark but good movie.
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Clockwork Orange good movie, criticizes society.

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i love "a clockwork orange" too.. try rocky horror picture show, mallrats/clerks/all jay and silent bob movies.

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