I own a Roland Cube 20 and Pod 2.0 (motopod). I hook up a nice Epi LP Std. to it.
I can't get a nice sound out of that combination. What I mean is that POD on AMP setting and Roland on jc clean sounds a bit dull and too bassy. On direct setting it sounds better, but it isn't supposed to be setup this way according to the manual.

Does anyone have some experience with this amp and Pod?
How to make it sound good?

(I've also tried to change cabinet setting [hold save while turning power switch on pod] and it sounds a bit better with AMP setting but not as good as DIRECT; Tried to max out MIDS and lower BASS and TREBLE, as Pod manual says... not quite what you wanna hear, really... )

Do you have a Black Panel, chan?

I got the most awesome blues sound ever out of that with my Roland Cube 30 + P.O.D 2.0.

And this was running my old crappy strat that is worth around 200$ or something.

This was while my Nr. 1 guitar was having a new bridge humbucker put in.

My dad came in and asked: Wait? Didn't you deliver your good guitar to that repair guy?

It sounded fantastic so try something like that. Can you also find a pic of what settings you can turn it too? Can't remember much about the Cube 20...

This is my amp, guitar sound good when plugged without pod into my amp (BTW CUBE ROCKS!), the problem is when signal goes through POD, all my nice tone sounds messed up.

[A.I.R] (AMP - sim)
POD 2.0 on BASS,MID,TREBLE: 12 o'clock, same with CUBE (clean channel), POD output power: 1-2 o'clock, low/mid/high GAIN (tested) , CHAN VOL, 1-2 o'clock, different amp models - they sound bassy and dull comparing to the same settings with [DIRECT] POD mode.

ps. yes it has blues panel
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Well, I'd probably put the Cube on Tube Drive or Clean.

You'll have to adjust the EQ on the cube on the fly, but if they sounds bassy, turn down the bass.

On the POD I'd keep the Channel Volume at around 2'o clock and Outpul Leve at maybe 11' o clock.

The EQ on the POD will also have to be experimented but just try to adjust it as you go. If it's too bassy turn down the bass on the Cube, then try the POD, etc. It's really just a matter of tweaking.