Okay so I wanted to buy a Peavey 6505 Guitar head. But do you have to have a cab to play it through? I looked and wanted the marshall 1960av guitar cab bt in all that wuld be $2000. And I cannot do that lol.

So I'm lookin 4 a cheaper way to either get an amp that sounds like the 6505 head, bt without an extra thing needed also... Idk, I'm very inexperienced with this stuff.

I'll go up to around $1000, which means it CAN be over that, just not 2 much. I'm looking for a metal amp and that one sounded the best, bt I can't afford the cab so...
Look on ebay for a Peavey 5150. You can usually find one for about $600-$750. It's essentially the same amp just older and cheaper. I think there are some differences with the clean channel. I wouldn't go with a Peavey cab if it were up to me though. Marshall 1960 is a good choice. Also look at a Peavey Ultra Plus. Pretty Nice. Good luck to you.
yeah man a used 5150 combo/6505 combo or a used 5150/5150 II head. can get them fairly cheap on ebay. and then you could get you a 2x12 cab to run it through. for about that price+
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Ive seen 5150 half stacks go used for about $800 in the US.
DOnt get the combo. Get the 6505 second hand for 600-700 and get a second hand 212 cab for 300.
So you get the amp you wanted, and you can get a cab with good speakers that you like.