I own a line 6 pod xt live, it's currently getting fixed as their was a volume problem, besides the point. Anyway, I recently came across riffworks on the internet, and it seems to be just what I need, easy to use recording software . Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this combination, pro's, con's?
Please keep in mind the purpose of this would be to record ideas for writing/developing songs.
(Also, I would just like to check that to record, I would play my guitar, into the xtl, into a USB port into the computer.)
Sorry if I'm saying some really stupidly obvious stuff here just I'm new to this aspect of gear.
yeh, i dont own riffworkz but i mate of mine did a while ago (he's since upgraded to ProTools the bastard) and as far as i went on it- it was amazing. you can have endless fun and entertainment arseing around with the different presets etc and theres loads of built in drum beats to record to, and the ability to make your own.
as far as cons go....i cant think of any off the top of my head. its pretty much flawless.
and with the USB recording ability you get a much clearer sound quality as opposed to playing through the mic. port/soundcard which often makes it fuzzy or muddy sounding.
hope this helps a little bit