which is better to have - guitar pro or powertab? are they worth buying it?
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which is better to have - guitar pro or powertab? are they worth buying it?

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Powertab is free, Guitar Pro costs like $50... Unless...



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Guitar Pro ftw

It costs but it's much better than Powertab imo
And it's worth the money
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I have both, but I prefer Guitar Pro tabs, because you can make backing tracks using the Percussion and multi-instrument feature.
You can view Power Tab tabulatures in Guitar Pro too...so...
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Guitar Pro is obviously better, but if you don't have the money & won't get it by other means, Power Tab will do.

this man speaks the truth and those "other" means shouldnt be a problem

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its got to be GP, and hey EMGs_rule, you live about 5 miles away from me (I'm a Funblaner)
you can use powertabs on guitar pro just click import
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