so... my amp is making noises...
it's kinda hard to describe the sound... let me try:

it sounds like wind outside your house... if you know what I mean.

its a "line 6 spider valve 212"

the sound occures when I'm not playing and it's really annoying.

it has a built in noise gate already...

but it makes sounds even if the volmume on the guitar is all the way down.
lol, built in noise gates on modeling amps dont do anything, just another selling point for the company
can you try it in a different power outlet somewhere else in the house?

diff cable?
diff guitar?
sure all the effects are turned off that could cause that (phaser)
i guess you answer most of those...sorry...and good luck
I rolled it to the other side of my room and plugged it in there and so far it's not making sounds, but it comes and goes so I don't know if it will last long...

but hopefully it'll work now. thanks everybody
bad power sources
too many things in a power outlet
florescent lights
computer monitors
cell phones

all sources of interference. you never know. hopefully it is not your amp saying bye bye as i don't know the valve configuration of those amps but it doesn't sound like a dying valve but it could be.

no I got it 2 months ago so I don't think it's dying, but it works ok right now so thanks!