So I'm currently playing fingerstyle on my acoustic, rather than on a classical. I'm having some trouble playing faster passages, especially single-line stuff. However, I can play these same passages much faster on my friend's classical, so it's obviously in my technique as my fingers hit the acoustic strings. Any tips? My nails are fairly short, they only stick out 1-2mm from the flesh (except thumb and pinky of course, those are about 3 mm). What can I do to remedy this problem? Thanks in advance.
Oh, and if string gauge matters I'm using a set of 12s.
Yeah I kinda figured that but is there anything I can do to improve my speed on acoustic or am I stuck with it? I mean look at Joey Eppard (3) for example, he's got some serious speed going but he's playing an acoustic.
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it's not just the fact that nylon strings are softer and smoother. the main reason is because nylon strings have about... 3 to 4 times less tension than a steel string guitar. You basically just have to practice playing very clean and do it a lot.

Also, stick with your string guage. If you go any lower the strings tend to play out of pitch more often.
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the strings on an acoustic steel string are closer together, and the frets are closer together as well. That may help with the fast playing, but other than that you can always practice to compensate for any situation.