Hi there
I wan't to buy a classical guitar with cutaway and electronics and I want to ask you which of these three you would recommend the most. If none please tell what else can I find for about 300$
FENDER CDN-240 SCE NATURAL http://www.pablodj.pl/product_info.php/products_id/1919
(China ;/)
Ibanez AEG10NE NT http://www.arttechnology.pl/Opis.aspx?p … p;id=14426 (Popular on Musciansfriend.com)
Admira Malaga EC http://www.gitaraibas.pl/admira-malaga- … ?osCsid=e4 (Spainnn!)
the first one mate, if itz ur first classical. price?. i hav a almans cutaway wit electronics!! fishman pickups!!! it was only $1200 but it was way worth it! try and buy a spanish made 1 they r the best and will last u a lot longer than ne otha!!

good luck!