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Welcome to ANOTHER thread about kill switches, hope you're not getting too tired of them

Anyway, my guitar teacher says he knows somewhere where they can put a kill switch on my guitar. I have a Yamaha Pacifica, and my teacher says the installation will be about 25-30 pounds. I'd where Tom Morello has it, away from my pick-up selecters, as in.. beneath the neck pickup. My teacher whoever does the installation will have to bore a hole in the guitar there, which will cost more.

Does anyone know how much more this will cost? And has anyone got any tips as to where to ask for the killswitch to be installed?

Why don't you ask the person and not us
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Because my teacher is taking the guitar in... this means I'll either have to say 'if it's ten quid more, do it' or if not, just tell him to ask the guy to put it where ever it is easier.
why dont you go to the ultimate kill switch thread?

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I'm going to say: why not DIY?
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Sorry for the double post, was using it for abit of a bump aswell. I knew I'd seen an ultimate-kill switch thread somewhere! But after searching 'killswitch' I couldn't find it! Thought I was going mad!

I'll try and find the Ultimate Kill switch thread..