Not bad, no vocals though?
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LOL, I did the vocals with the guitar.

I tried to sing it, but I can't hit notes that high
all those stereo tracks are just un-neccesary..drums & synth maybe...everything else should be mono
It's just that my recording software automatically doubles it. :P

Is there a big sound difference if both channels are the same as opposed to mono?
There is no reason to track in stereo unless one is recording an actual stereo source such as a 2-mic setup, a stereo direct source such as a stereo keyboard , or is routing the track through a stereo effect such as stereo reverb or chorus before recording.

If it's a mono source such as a direct bass or a single mic setup like a single mic on a git amp or a single vocal mic, there is no advantage whatsoever to recording the track in stereo; in fact in some DAWs that just takes away your pan flexibility later in mixing and also doubles your file sizes.
Ok, sweet. Thanks. One more question though.

What Hz should I record in? 192000? 96000? 44100? I just recently started recording in 48000 and the difference isn't that big.


Yup, I used Audacity to mixx. I recorded all the guitars though my Sure PG57 off my Behringer GMX110 which amp'd my SchecterC1Classic.

I went to my friend's house and used his copy of Reason4. Just did a "record-what-you-hear". Then he sent me the MP3.
i like it

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