Hello everybody.

I'm learning Eva Cassidy's version of "Time After Time." and I have a problem.

I've been trying to play it using the "rules" I learned from my brief lessons in finger picking:

Thumb plays the low E, A, and D strings
Index plays the G string
Middle plays the B
Ring plays the high E

However, If you look at the tab:
 Csus4 C     Csus2  Csus4 C     Csus2  Am      Am/G       F
E ------------------|------------------|------------------|----------1-------|
H ------1-----1-----|------1-----1-----|--1-------0-------|--------1---------|
G ----0-----0-----0-|----0-----0-----0-|------2-------0---|------2-----------|
D -2h3----2-----0---|-2h3----2-----0---|----2---2---2---2-|----3-------------|
A --3---------------|--3---------------|--0---------------|------------------|
E --+---+---+---+---|--+---+---+---+---|------+---3---+---|--1---+---+---+---l

Notice that the first measure ends with a note on the D string, followed by a dyad on the A and D strings on the downbeat of the next measure. This is a problem for me because I was taught that while one finger is playing, the next finger should be preparing to play the next note. With two consecutive notes on the D string, there is no time to prepare my index finger for the dyad on the downbeat, and I usually fall off the beat. Even if I'm on the beat, the sound is "choppy" due to the consecutive strokes on the index finger.

Basically, I need to know the procedure to play this section correctly with the right hand.

I know the rules for which strings the fingers pick aren't set in stone, but I can't seem to find a solution to this.
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I thought myself to pick and i never used any special techniques on what finger plays what string.

Just play how you feel comfortable and you'll get it then once your fingers to play differant strings, thats what i did. my not be the best idea though.
screw that, i think the best way of plying it is using the thumb for A and D however in the last bar use your index finger for D. Thants how i would play it anyway.
Having a hard time understanding your problem. From the way the tab looks to me, the last note is on the G string. Are you playing the G and D strings with the index finger? Or are you having a problem with playing two notes on the same string?
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