Sinner, Sinner, Sinner, Silence..........Sinner.

You hold no faith if you’re an atheist.

Jump on the alter and kick down the fonts,
Smash up the organ and throw down the cross,
The statues, the pews –

All will blaze in halos of light.

If I start the anarchy will you start reacting?
Stop flashing your back at attempts to force action.

Will I gain reason, replies or relief, if I
Tear through the graves and scare down the church?

My Life would no longer be left empty, if you were to run from the sky, but,
You always remain covered and still, just like sound and noise at night.


I’ve heard of Samaritans but they’re probably lost,
Perhaps the Innkeeper has them locked-up.

Where are the saviours, the saints and the safety?
The salient light is faint for one question:

- How can I believe? -

If you hold no answer,

Then I hold no faith.