I know this is probably over played, over done, and over ... whatever.

This is a good test of my progress. I play it without any problems really, just I get a little excited when I start to record and stuff. This is pretty clean *I think* And I hope you enjoy it. The song is located in my profile.

or at this link *ignore the beginning, sounded silly.*

P.S. The song will come on in about 3 seconds, just give it a little time.

Please no negative comments :3
wow I gotta say, that's a really good clean cover

nice work 5/5 (Y)

to the guy above; it's a very good cover of the back in black solo ^_^
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That was good man. It sounded like the real thing with a little more bend.
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Slow it down a little bit. You haven't quite got it, you kind of flub a bunch of the licks. Watch your bends too. You tend to bend slightly out of pitch.