on a strat what do u prefer. the traditional 21 frets, or the 22's ?


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Its got to be 21 really. I don't like the whole overhang thing with the 22, and in fairness, i'd only use that high D on the E string once in a blue moon, so i don't miss the extra fret. Same on teles.
I use 24 22 are fine for me but not ethe best but i dodont have a srat never liked them
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If I had the choice, 22. I like evenness and symmetry. ¬_¬

As a result, I go for 24. 2 Whole octaves ftw, why only have 1 and a bit?
21, since all my other guitars have 22. And I don't use the 22nd fret much.
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only time i've ever needed a 22nd fret is one A7X song... which i don't even play much.

And plus, i'm probably getting a les paul in a few months...

22 because i know a few songs that use it, and it would just get on my nerves not having it.
22. i hate odd numbers. 3 pickups. damn! that's why i'm saving to buy a dual humbucker pickguard.
i dont care about using th e22nd fret much. i can just bend. problem is, i use the 22nd fret to bend to the pitch of the 24th fret. it's super hard to bend on frets that high.
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when I watch clapton play sometimes I wish I had 22 frets but it probably wouldn't make much of a difference because I suck that high up on the fretboard anyways lol
I have always preferred 24 fret instruments even though I rarely play over the 16th fret..... it's just nice to have the option!

on basses however I always needed the 24th fret in order to play all my melody lines and such

anway, I'd go for a 22fret strat.... but then again, I'd never ever in my life buy a Fender strat!

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so im gonna buy a new maple neck....for like 2 pounds extra (4 dollars) i can get a 22 fret neck with an aged looking laquer instead of a near pure white 21.
so what should i get ?
and will there be a gap between the overhang and the pickguard on the 22 ?


customised westfield strat soon to be HH
MIJ 68'reissue strat from 1996

bunch of boss pedals
24, on a strat, 22 I guess. I wouldn't be able to play some of my songs without that fret.
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