i have a debate in my english class and i need three good topics that can be supported strongly for and against. any topics are welcomed but they need to be able to be supported by 'university level research' so hit me with some ideas.



Black People.
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Argue that real metal, mallcore and other forms of music are used as scapegoats when something bad happens.
Stem Cell Research

Beautiful quality: No right or wrong answer for any one of them.
Do it about emo's.

I'm sure the whole class will get involved at some point.
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Abortion, Madeleine Mckann (are the parents guilty?), Animal testing, Underage sex, age limits on drinking, smoking etc, censorship in films and tv.

Just bring up an issue which 'AFFECTS YOUNG PEOPLE' and watch everyone drive themselves into a frenzy.
equality vs survival of the fittest (Communism vs Capitalism)
death penalty
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Scangrade thats easy I'm A and B but not C, so it can't be all of the above, but you can't fill in two ovals Nooo!
Mr. Butlertron the answer is C... you fuckwad
Mercy Killing
Correct Punishment for the Act of Genocide
Star Wars
All glory to the Hypnotoad.
If it is possible to cum blood. (seriously you could maybe do a study on it.)

Government over stepping their boundaries on what you can and can't do.

On the topic if legalization of certain states to let anyone of either sex go in either bathroom / the dangers of this being legal.

Issues on problems with hate crime laws and people trying to get into your head to find the motivation for something. You could not like black people and kill a black person but have not killed him because you didn't like black people etc.

Advantages to Marijuana Legalization, and how it is not as dangerous as drinking alcohol.

Is rape really a bad thing? If attractive people only marry attractive people then you would probably end up one day with the same result of a brother and sister having kids. (this would be fun to do really, i can picture it in my mind would be great)
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Gun Control?
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Classic vs. Black

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im suprised no-one has said capital punishment.

but, i would say:

Capital Punishment
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