i have heard that he plays the bass part on his guitar. what exact effect does he use? and can anyone tell me any like cool guitar effects to make my guitar sound funny? thanks!
i guess he just simply turns the bass up on his amp and plays the part? I dunno cuz i dont really like the white stripes, I dont mind simplicity in music, but he is a sub-par guitarist(well i know hes actually alright, but his music doesnt show it) and the drummer drums like shes two.
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an Electro Harmonix POG

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he uses a Digitech Whammy IV, set to an octave below the original tone.
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Pretty much a EHX POG or HOG. Also the Digitech does the same. Hm ive heard something about maybe running a wah backwards can get odd sounding, but then again i could be completely wrong.
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my digitech GNX3 has a guitar to bass setting. it sounds just like a bass but there is a delay in the time you pluck the string to where you actually hear it.
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he uses a digitech whammy, which is quite different from the ehx pog because the pog can only do octaves and is basically what i call a set-it-and-forget effect. the setting you start it off on is the setting you keep it on because your not bending down to change it in mid show. He uses the digitech whammy to put his sound down one octave for the bass parts and up one for the parts that sound as if he is on fret 30 of his high e string (ie: part of seven nation army solo). also with regards to your other question a wah pedal, synth pedal, flange, phaser, and delay have always been my favorites for cool sounds. now i play bass with distortion and heavy flange
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he uses a Digitech Whammy IV, set to an octave below the original tone.

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Or any other octave pedal will work.
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