so ive seen a few really nice guitar's on rondo music made by agile, sx, douglas etc and from what ive heard they are of very good qaulity, anyway i was thinking of ordering one guitar for now and seeing what the qaulity is like, but i see that shipping is $90 and then i have VAT and customs ontop of that for when it arrives in the uk, does anyone have an experience with this and also the actaul guitars themselfs?

i would love to order a few diffrent guitar's that ive seen on there (im hanging on the my walls if you must know, of course i will play them alot. but i would also like them as decoration etc etc).


SXs and Douglas' aren't too good, trust me, I've played an SX. Maybe not a Douglas, but I hear bad things 'bout them.

Anyways, I would just get an Agile, or two, maybe 3, and things. It should give you a price on the website, and how long it takes or something. If they don't, you can always contact them.
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