Ok, so I have an Ibanez Rgr320ex, and it has an edge 3 floating tremelo bridge (I know it sucks). Anyways, I normally play 9 guages, and so I wanted to try something new, and so I take off the strings, tighten the springs in the back, and put the new strings in. I notice that they still aren't tight enough, and so I tighten them even more. Its now to the point where they can't be tightened any more, and it is still is like leaning towards the neck. So then I go to loosen them, and the string harness of my D string like almost pops out of position, and it is slid out of place.

I have a ton of experience with guitars, and I have done this numerous times before, and this is the first time I have had a problem (I have always used ibanez).

So I call one music store, and I ask if its under warrenty, and they said that since I told him that I touched it, that voided the warrenty. Now, I know what I'm doing and I did absolutely nothing wrong, and the warrenty shouldn't be voided.

Now I plan on going to the store that I bought the guitar from, and I need a good way to explain what happened WITHOUT saying I did something to it, so that there is no confusion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.