hey i really really really wanna learn to play that song love at first sight that jonny sings on two pints, but i cant finds tabs anywhere.
can anyone help me out please?

thanks you very muchly
Is this the song???

Bsus4: x24400
Bsus4/Ab: 424400
E/D#: xx1400

Intro & verse: E -Dbm -Bsus4 -Bsus4/Ab (4)
A -E -E/D# -A -E -Bsus4
E -Dbm -Bsus4 -Bsus4/Ab (2) -E

D|-------------2--4----|-(4 times)-|--2222222---55555--|--(3 times)--22222-----4444444-| (2)


E -Dbm -Bsus4 -Bsus4/Ab -E
god i hate two pints
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I watched that musical episode with my mate and thought it was hilarious, so I tabbed out the song Enjoy!

E: 022100
B: x24442
Bsus4: x24452
C#m: x46654
E/Eb: 021100
A: x02220


B - Bsus4 - E

         C#m                B                         Bsus4         E

It's the strangest feeling, now I've seen her I could never let her go

      C#m                     B             Bsus4        E

Is it love at first sight, or just that dodgy ^ egg-mayo roll?

             C#m           B              Bsus4          E

She's making me feel sick, I feel I could s**t a hundred bricks

        C#m                     B          Bsus4

Is this love at first sight, or is it just too much heineken?

A                             E                          E/Eb          A

   I've been watching her all night, don't even know the colour of her eyes

                               E                    E/Eb                E

Is this love at first sight or lust? 'Cause I could tell you her bra size

C#m           B     Bsus4            E

      Her bra size, tell you her bra size

C#m           B     Bsus4            E

      Her bra size.