in PA
I think it was all of PHilly and South Jersey and Delaware and Bucks and Montgomery

its been raining all day because of Hanna. Im not scared but my backyard is about 10 square acres of grass.

Am I screwed? Should I be worried.

Just telling for the poeple that live in those areas
I live in south jersey. There better be some good rain tonight and tomorrow, they got my hopes up.
It is fine. I lived in Tornado Alley for most of my life. Tornado warnings don't even faze me.

Basically you should start to worry whenever you can see the ****er touch ground and roar towards you. Untill then you should be fine.
If you guys have tornado sirens there, don't worry about it until you hear them. If you have a basement you'll be fine. If you don't, hide in a room with no windows.

I've lived in kansas like, 90% of my life :/
O.J. will kill you
LOL run!
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Tornado driven grass is the scariest object known to man. You have every right to be scared.
10 acres of grass? God damn, bring your guitar out there hook up and blast it dude
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