I have a friend looking for a bass amp for rock and metal, and seeing as these two are so similarly priced, I have dived into UG's low end, the Bass Forum, to get an expert opinion.

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Had exactly the same problem a while ago...

Here it is
Five Fifteen has an 15 inch speaker so it has a greater bass + Five fifteen is 60/100 watts while the Crush is like 30 watts... but the Crush looks really nice
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They are both decent practice amps. Have him try them both out. Keep in mind the Ashdown has more power.
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The Orange amps tend to lean towards the classical 60/70's bass tone, where as the Ashdown will have more of a modern edge to it.
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Orange amps give a false illusion today of the classic British tube amp when in reality they are just 21st century amps living on a name that was once up at the top of the pile.
The nearest that you will get to the original amp is to get a 'Matamp see 'http://www.matamp.co.uk/home.htm this is the company set up by the late Mat Mathias a Jewish refugee who fled from the Nazis.
I've visited the factory many times, when you enter the factory you immediately go through a time warp.
With the Ashdown at least Mark Gooday (Mr Trace Elliot) didn't make Trace clones when he set up Ashdown.
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