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12 55%
1 5%
2 9%
3 14%
0 0%
1 5%
0 0%
2 9%
0 0%
1 5%
Voters: 22.
Quote by NeverMeant
Depends if you're a scene girl or not.

i lol'd

i'd say 7 in the general population but in the whole scene emo thing its like 11/10
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Quote by One on Sunday
what, its true

well, i never had heard of it till i heard a few guys playing it at my school then i picked it up and a bunch of people have been like, oh i like that song!
Never heard it. Sounds like a load of bollocks if i'm being honest. Also, this thread is kinda spam seeing as no-one actually gives a shit

*reported* aye?
I can't stand that song.
Quote by DieGarbageMan
can i get a tl;dr up in this bitch?

A mod makes a joke and hi-jacks a thread...

Quote by paintITblack39
usually, this is often discussed in the political threads ...

let's change the question: are you pro or antti niemi?