This is about..well im sure you can figure it out..starts with an H and ends with...DEATH!..Ive been clean for a month.

its got a slow blues rythm.

I do dope, yes I do dope.
I do dope because it gives me false hope..YEAH!
When I'm on dope
I fall asleep
My cigarettes
Burn holes in my sheet.
And thats all I've got
To my name
Cause everything else
Ive sold and stuck in my vein.

So I do dope, Yes I do dope.
I do dope because I have no hope..YEAH!
When theres no dope
I get sick.
So I chase it all day
Just for a little Prick.
Then I repeat
Same shit, Ev uh ree Day
And thats how I've wasted
My existence away.

So I did dope, Yes I did dope.
But I quit dope
and now theres some hope..Hell YEAH!
Doin dope
Is like a loaded gun.
It destroys your life
And it aint no fun.
Just throw em away
Cause when you do dope
Youll do it Ev uh ree day.
And once you quit
You still aint the same
Cause the ****in dope
Has got a hold of your brain. Peace Out..

So thats my song its got the on H, without H, and after quitting H..little 3 part story..never written a song before..started to write it in rehab, cause i didnt have anything better to do..i do have the guitar part written for it..and i like how it sounds together..so tell me what yall think
for sure..ive got you..i dont know i guess the words peace out sound corny but when played with the music it just flows with it man..but yeah thats my experience with heroin..besides my girl..thats something i really loved..in a weird way man..it was a love hate relationship..and now ive lost something i loved..but for a damn good cause.