i need some serious help from you guys. im worried about one of my friends

alright so my friend is something of a womanizer. he gets a lot of girls. ive had two of my girlfriends fall for him. anyways hes found this girl that he really likes and they've been dating for like two months. something like that. and they just made love for the first time. (his first time idk about hers) and she broke up with him because he "performed" terribly (he uh fired prematurely). and it seems that its a constant problem for him so hes been really depressed lately. i dont want him to do something he'd regret so i was wondering if you guys know of anything that would help his problem.

P.S. we're only sixteen

I promise its not me. i have enough balls to tell people straight up if it was me
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Well his girlfriend is obviously a bitch.

Nobody lasts long at all their first time. The best thing he can do is stop wanking off and have lots of sex. The more you fap the less time you will last when you are "getting busy"

That and when I have 2 or 3 beers before sex I last for hours.
yeah, ok we get it
your "friend"
whatever gets you through another night
how do you live with yourself
seriously just smack it around a bit, it should fix it.
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Is this another one those "my friend" threads?

lol it seems that way..

if hes a womaniser surely he can get another bird?
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On a serious note, introduce him to the stop-start technique, and kegel exercises.
Stop-start technique:
Masturbate, or better still, get a partner to masturbate for you until you're about to orgasm. Stop, and wait for arousal to subside. Repeat several times.
Stop and start urinating, by tensing your pelvic floor muscles. Once familiar with the movement, you can practise the exercise at any time, without the need to urinate.