I'm reading this for AP English, and was wondering if anyone could simplify the concepts of Being, Being in-Itself, and Being For-Itself. Also, I need help with the defining characteristics of being. Namely, "Being is. Being is in itself. Being is what it is." Thanks in advance.
I wont help you, just because I'm madly jealous at you having a decent English curriculum...
Never read the book, but I'm guessing Sartre smoked a LOT of weed.
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Blah, existentialism... Been a long time since I read that book.
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There is no being.

There is no existence.

There is only perception.

Feel free to follow up a silly philosophy.

Alright, I have not read this book and do not want to give a bash at describing these terms in case Satre defines them differently I'm afraid.

But bloody hell, Philosophy in an English class is awesome.

EDIT: Just google it, I tried and got good answers
seriousley, your english course wins!

sorry, can't help you tho
The only book by sartre I've read is existentialism and humanism. I couldn't stand the depressive bastard tbh
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