I got an idea, a random one though. All products would be Warmoth.com products. Explorer body, modified to fit an original floyd rose. throw on some emgs and some kick*** hardware. and give it a metallic green and metallica black finish of some sort done to it. Oh, and it's a seven string.
Hmmm I like it. Maybe metallic blue that fades to black around the edges, with chrome hardware. I would definitely buy that. Get started bro!
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ok... do it, you wont
-Why do hunters need bullets that can pierce through bulletproof vests?
-Do I really have to spell this out for you?What if a bunch of punk kids go into the woods and strap a bulletproof vest on a bear?Then whatve you got?Invincible bears (wkuk)
Umm.. sure?

Post a picture of your idea. There's a create your own guitar site that I forgot the URL for that you can make an Explorer on.
Well one, it's just a random thought that I get. Two, I haven't a job to pay for it all. But if anyone uses my idea, I get some props.
i got an idea, too, but let me think of it first
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