So I've been thinking about gettin a pedal to give me a more individual tone
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I like the DSL's distortion and wasnt thinking of getting anymore through a pedal,
what would you suggest I add to my rig.. i dont want anything to wacky of course.. its a permenant tone im after, thanks
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EQ pedal?
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I'd say, look at what effects you like in a song and then look for one that sounds a little different.
What kind of music do you play? This will help for finding an effect.

also. hey yngwie havent seen you on here for a while.
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if you want to experiment buy a multi effect pedal and search for a sound eventually buy separate effects, i heard they give you a better sound
Wah, fuzz, treble boost, or a rotary speaker simulator.

EDIT: Just realized that those are all Hendrix's effects aside from one... whatever. They're still cool.
I guess im in an indie/punk band
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Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster
Marshall DSL 50 with 1960A
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I guess im in an indie/punk band

Well, I suggest investing in a Fuzz pedal for that type of music

Big muff russian or BYOC large beaver.

Maybe A wah... Seriously how often do they use that in Indie/punk? that would sound interesting.