I was playing my guitar when I struck an E (7th fret on the A string) and the guitar sounded like it was harmonizing with the E (singing it back) from the floyd rose. It's impossible to describe it. I put my ear up to the floyd rose and it seemed as if the guitar was not only playing the note, but singing the note back to me.

I played another e, and another e, on D string 2nd fret, and on B string 5th fret, and both of them did the same thing. So I'm thinking it's not something buzzing because all the strings are doing it.

I'm also unplugged so it's not an amp thing. I can't really describe what I heard. Maybe the secret to the universe is a concert E, and it was opening some time warp or something, who the hell knows?

I swear to god it was like someone else was in the room and was singing that E back from a different location other than my strings.

Anyone experience this?
Would you happen to be using a guitar with a large pickguard? or happen to have any cavity for a note to resonate?

I'm pretty sure nothing is wrong.