I currently have a Marshall MG50DFX and its a great little solid state amp. I love the Marshall sound but I can never get anything remotely to a warm tube sound out of it.

So next step, tube amp!

Anyway, I was messing around with a Blackheart 3/5watt head at a store and I really liked it. I was able to get some nice clean tones out of it. Or an SRV sound with a Strat, or the famous classic rock sound with my Washburn and a Seymour Duncan.

So I started investigating small tube heads so I was also looking at the Epiphone Valve Jr.

Question is, I want an amp that will give me a good sound during bedroom practice but is also expandable. How loud is a 5watt tube amp with a 4x12 cab? Good for a decent venue?

Also, I would like to get a little more gain out of either one of the amps, but I would need to do it via the way of tubes so I was looking at an Ibanez Tube King

Or here is my other option:
Line 6 PODPro and a rackmount power amp....
Haven't tried Blackheart amps, but for as much as they cost, you're better off getting a Crate V33h and a 2x12 cab.
Yeah, I just saw they are selling those cheap cheap cheap. I'm going to have to try one out, the reviews say they are muddy though.

Has anyone built a Marshall 18watt from parts from CeriaTone? I see premade amps are $750-$900. But it looks fairly cheap if you build it yourself?
Gabel has. He was on a few hours ago, so he might be back sooner or later.
I don't think he has actually. Apparently the Ceriatone kit is alright though.
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