i recently purchased a dean razorback
and after a couple of months the wiring completely screwed itself, so i got it repaired on the warranty, now.. it was a one use warranty, basically they fixed everything on it for free once

but.. im getting really bad earth hum, the level of the earth hum changes depending on the angle of the lead.. but the lowest is still really bad, and the sound crackles slightly

surely this isnt good

and it isnt the leads, iv tried many of them

help please?


if you can post a clear pic of the control cavity it would help. without seeing it i'd say theres a bad solder somewhere. either that or somehow hot and ground got mixed up.
Its more than likely a problem with the lead input. That part on the guitar where you put your lead in.

I get a crackle / signal loss when the clip which holds the lead jack in, goes a little loose. try bending it slightly to hold the jack harder.

Like jdr94 said, try taking a picture. It could help more.
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