Whenever I record with my makeshift recording equipment (either a video camera or a crappy computer mic), more often on bass, but also on guitar, a lot of the notes I play don't come out clearly. Is this because my recording equipment sucks or because the notes I'm playing really aren't coming out clearly? When I get an amp with an output and plug that directly into the computer without having the sound to go through the air would it sound better?
Well, better than your current setup. You should probably get a high quality microphone and preamp and plug that into your camera so that there's decent sound that'll be synced with video.
If you don't mind syncing manually, you can hook a microphone up to an interface (Toneport GX, M Audio Fasttrack, etc) and matching the sound with your playing (I recommend playing an open string at the beginning of the video...which you can cut).
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