Hey i posted this in the pit cuz i have two questions, but for those of you sitting in front of your computer with guitars, any help on what song this is? I cant seem to remember but ive heard it before. Not perfect, but you get the point.

Well now that both of my questions have been answered, If you could turn into a member of the opposite sex, would you make love to your former body? If you know what im getting at
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2: Control panel up t'top there

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yeah thanks again for the sig help, but anybody tackle the song yet?

oh nevermind person abouve me whos name escapes me it is Wherever I May Roam
this thread is now useless.
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sounds kinda like wherever i may roam by metallica... but if it is it is wrong tab.

I thought that, a very badly played version
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It is, however, that song. Congratulations, Jackal!!! You win nothing.

what about me do i get a cookie though?