Okay i was in my friends car and his brother has a punk cd in which he said was a random mix of nofx songs. The song that im looking for is upbeat then all of a sudden instruments stop and the singer just goes "dig dig dig" then it starts up again. I have look all over the internet and its impossible. And no its not there song called dig. Maybe it wasnt even a nofx song but he thought it was. So anyone know this song? This is pretty much my last hope ive finding it before i give up on looking
I think most of the people here are not do into NOFX (to say it euphemistic), you can either hope for Hello.Kitty, or post this thread in pop punk forum again.
I´d help you, but I bet it´s a new one, since lately they made more upbeat stuff, though I´m neithera hater nor a fan.
Hello Kitty reporting for duty as I've been assigned for all NOFX inquiries.

But no I have no idea what song that is.
Unfortunately I do not know off the top of my head but I have a hunch that it is off of War on Errorism or something.

****. Now I'm gonna listen to NOFX until I find the answer.

EDIT: Get the CD. Get the MP3. Upload it here. We will listen and find out which song it it.
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