So me and my friend (who plays rhythm guitar/vocals) in my band are walking around town. We pass through a block party when we see a band of 40 year olds lounging around their gear. So we walk past, and after aobut a block I decide to turn back and talk to them about music equipment. Long story short, they offered to let us play in between their sets. The first time, we played seek and destroy by metallica, and we did it flawlessly. My guitar sounded really good, and it was very nice of the guys to pick up the bass and drum parts for us. Second time, I did a motorbreath, Wake up dead, Devils Island, and Peace sells medley. It sounded semi-good. Then we played Symphony of destruction, this time with no bass or drums, so I was a bit nervous, but it went pretty good. The solo had a few errors, but overall, we did a good job. The third time, some local 12 year-old girls went on to do pop music, and I knew I wouldn't be getting on again. Metal just can't compete with cute little children . So that was the best Saturday ever. what are some cool things like this that have happened to you?
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nothing more metal than avril lavign

but yeah, i was walking down the block and some guys were having a coffee house kinda thing. they suddenly ask "does anyone know how to play the lead guitar part of Crazy Train?" so i decided to join in. the guy handed me a epiphone les paul and plugged me into some crate amp (didnt sound too bad tho) and we played it through.

funny thing was that this group has been doing it all night with everyone else there... I stayed a bit after and some kids got up to play Enter Sandman and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Y'know, beginners' songs, but it was alot of fun!
Yeah, I was plugged into a Peavey XXL, and it didn't sound bad at all. Too bad it's discontinued. I guess the XXX is the new version.
No they tell me to go away cause I suck
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this makes me wanna dress up emo and play death metal to little kids...and throw candy at them

where in gods name did this come from????
I'm sorry to say this story is not amazing, its mildly amusing, but you should be moar reserved in your use of amazing, at least you didn't use epic tho, +1 for that.
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