does anybody know how much it will cost? i cant find it anywhere. i tried bestbuy.com and there was a "special edition" that was like $50 but im not sure if it was it
You'll probably get some better answers in the Metallica thread. But to answer your question, I don't even know. It'll be a lot though.
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Metallica sucks. And take it to the Metallica thread.
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Now look. You're going to sit there and type EXACTLY how you could miss the Metallica thread, the biggest fucking thread in this forum, when it's at the top of the front page of the metal forum. You're also going to tell us how you missed this, you fucking arse:


Now next time use your little head before you assume any of us actually care, OK? Look on Amazon or something.
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Metallica sucks. And take it to the Metallica thread.

-1... you suck dude. and the set is just shy of $150 w/o shipping...
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