dose anyone else notice how may people posted the pear after that guy made the dare. and none of them are going to get banned tonite because to mods arnt on
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People actually took his dare???

yea like four people took it
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what are 08ers
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Somehow I just got a warning and it said I had one so I'll be banned shortly.

I never had a warning in the first place so...WTF?

And I never posted in the spam threads...
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Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
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Where the hell the mods are?

Tending to their life, unlike us.
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so if the pear was banned because it was overused do you think that the Facepalm smiley will be as well?
Ugh, idiocy like this shows that there should be some sort of petition-ban system so that normal users could vote to have someone banned if there are no mods online. I'm pretty sure that 50-100 users would vote to get rid of these people.
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With their diets, finding a fat woman in Japan is like finding someone in the Pit with an IQ over 100.

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We must fight back, form an allience.
We will make sure they stay away...

Heres my plan....

No plan, Im lost. I guess the mods are gonna have a good time when their back.
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There are 9 mods on right now, including (but not limited to): FrenchyFungus, divid3d, and DayTripper.

They're waiting for everyone to get it out of their system, then go on a mass-banning spree.

Just my guess.
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The mods will be here soon to clean up these useless spammers.

Didn't you spam as well?
Theres been a lot of tits tonight too.
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Im wondering the same thing.....wtf has the pit come to

Im scared hold me..

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I tried Jacking the Dare thread.
Pfff, i know right?

But anyway, their mindless heads are
No Rules!!"

This may be one of the most epic things to ever be stupid on UG.

...The night of the invisible Mods.....