Alright i've been playin for a while and i've found myself drawn back to my acoustic and it definitely needs some new strings cuz i got that whole rusty hanger thing goin u kno? but like the thing is is that i have no idea whatsoever about what to buy
This one guy i know keeps suggestin Polyweb Elixers and i figured why not, i'll try those but i want some suggestions on some other brands and string types so anyone willing to suggest a few will be really awesome
So pleeaase help thanx pple
I would say that you should buy strings that aren't going to take a big bite out of your wallet, but you shouldn't rely on cheaper starter brands. For example, I seen some first act strings for about $2.88 at wal-mart, but I also see some GHS Jammers for about $4.00, I never bought the GHS Jammers, and most of the time my strings broke within a short amount of time. Well, one day I seen the GHS Jammers for $1.50 at wal-mart's clearance aisle, so I try them, after an E-string incident. (See my Blog) I tryed them, and they sounded perfect. I have never went back to First Act strings since then. For you, I would say something like Fender Phosphor Bronze Acoustic strings. (About $7.50) Just be thankful you ain't buying any bass strings. I paid $21.50 for a set of bass guitar strings for my Zodiac DE Scorpio. I, personally wouldn't be afraid to burn $5 on a set of strings.