i recently got a mixer and i'm wondering how i can hook it up to the computer? its a eurorack mixer, 8 XLR inputs and i've had it hooked up to my toneport UX2 through the line in's, but it wasn't stereo.

any other way i can hook it up directly to the computer or preferably to the toneport? the toneport acts as a soundcard, so it would reduce latency and stuff. i have a SP/DIF OUT on the toneport so i could get a cable to connect that to the computer if it helps.
there are audio boxes that can convert just about anything to just about anything you just have to find the one you need. I'm assuming you are looking for USB?

are you strictly playing thru this gear or are you also playing thru an amp?

8 XLR ports in ?

well i'd be recording everything through the mixer or the toneport (as today i learned, my friend's bass amp isn't too great and the toneport actually sounds pretty damn good if you tweak it.)

the thing about the conversion box is that it would probably have to act like a soundcard, just like the toneport does, otherwise i'm GUESSING there would be latency in recording.
you say mixer or toneport but you need the effects off the toneport no?

happy to hear about the bass amp lol.

the conversion is more encode/decode so it doen't have to be a full fledged sound card necessarily but is called the same. As long as it converts your incoming signal into a format that the outgoing cable and end device (PC) can handle then that is what you need but you really need to Search on some of these topics and see whats going on in Riff and Record Forum yo.

i doubt you will have any latency unless you are using mic/line in on PC directly.