Im loking on recording a demo soon and i was wondering if anybody had any sugestions on a reasonabilly priced and simple recording system that will still have a half decent recording

your sugestions are all very much appreciated
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Well, it's popular these days to go with a computer program paired with some sort of powered USB interface. Cubase LE and ProTools are most common. I haven't checked the prices lately, but this would run you about $400-600, not including mic and cables.

I use a BOSS BR-532 Digital 4-Track recorder. It has high-quality, a few inputs, and is really easy to use. Unfortunately, it IS a 4-track (although it has 16 "virtual" tracks), and is more limiting that a computer program.

For mics, I would recommend a Shure SM Beta 87 or SM 58.
Probably don't want to use USB ports for a serious demo on computer recording. Look in the recording section of the site, you will find absolutely tons of info on this stuff.