I got a nice RG and I want good pickups. I like both the Nailbombs (Bareknuckles) and the 81-85 set of EMG's. Your opinions?
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It sounds cliche, but DiMarzio's are the best for Ibanez guitars. All my RG's have DiMarzio pickups on them and they sound fantastic.
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yeah if u want passive go with dimarzios for your ibanez.. if you want active go for an emg pair or sd blackouts
EMGs are nice and heavy, pretty good for metal. However, I really got bored with the tone of mine. =/

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yeah, cos ibanez guitars don't sound good with anything but dimarzios.

that's retarded. it just so happens that ibanez's main endorsers are also dimarzio users.

back on topic- which do you want more? i mean, they're going to sound different... if you've already tried them both, you probably know more than we do...
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Whats with the BS about everybody saying Ibanez sounds best with Dimarzios?
Get off the bandwagon people...
Its all a matter of opinion, i personally like EMGs.
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Given the choice of the two, Bareknuckles anyday. But it all depends on your amp really, its pointless shelling out for an expensive set of pickups if the amp you're playing through wont help them shine.

Its always an idea to get a good tone with the amp, then compliment it with a pickup swap.