Well, my cousin just gave me his Martin Sigma TB-1 today, and boy, is she a beaut.

He told me this was his gig guitar and I could see it. This baby's got some nifty battle scars.

Anyways, after examining it, the fretboard needs moisturizing, any cheap products for that?

Also, the bridge is cracked, along with the pins, are those easily replaceable?

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There's the whole guitar...

Inside sound-hole....


Bridge overall...

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Side view of bridge

Another side view of bridge


On-board electronics

Dried-out fretboard?
For the fretboard, regular lemon oil from the grocery store is best. Take off the strings, put just a few drops in between each fret and spread it evenly. Let it soak in for about 15 minutes or so and wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. Do that about twice a year or so to keep your fretboard well conditioned -- no more than that though because it will get saturated.
As for the bridge, I would recommend taking it in -- it doesn't look too bad and maybe your shop can repair it in place.

Nice looking guitar!! Congrats on your good luck!!!