Hey I just joined a new band.

Check out this cover of Hoobastank's "Running Away."

I'm mainly interested in criticisms regarding the vocals and the mixing of the vocals. In other words, the vocals and the quality of recording. We just bought a mbox2 so want to judge how good the interface is in trying to get a professional sound.

Will be happy to provide a C4C if you leave a link.

Running Away

It's not bad, but your voice seems too high pitch at times.
The quality of the recording seems pretty good, but heck, what do I know? I'm just some guy!
Very good. Very good vocals. Pretty full mix, maybe not quite clear enough. But great anyway. Vocals are spot on. Real good.
Very good recording. The mixx is spot on.

In my personal opinion, the vocals are a tad bit high.

Thought the vocals were really good. IMO, not a easy song to sing being the vocals are right out there and easy to tell if you get off pitch. So I thought you did a excellent job.
You guys sound real good. The recording quality is good and your vocals are great.
Really well put together

I was thinking of getting an Mbox 2 a while back but I think my comp has some compatibility issues so i just went with Cubase LE and a Presonus Inspire which works fine for me. The Mbox 2 seems to have great quality sound though and if I could run pro tools I would certainly go out and get one.
Wow. This beats mine by far. You're a great vocalist, and your mixing is superb. I wish the band I'm in could do songs like this. Great work.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

well dude ive got to say it sounds better than i ever have, the mixing sounds professional as well. well done, alot of people would mistake it for studio quality

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