it was ****ing awesome. they were really cool especially brett he was really chilled. we chilled with them for 2 hours. and they did an encore just for us when everyone else left. sean and nate performed a dead world at sunrise it was surreal since they have been my biggest inspiration for the past 3 to 4 years. andrew taught me alot of stuff on how to work on sweeps. etc. dean was awesome he put my girl into a headlock and took a picture. they gave us backstage passes to their show in oklahoma city oct. 3 with trivium and all that remains. its gonna be awesome. they said we were their favorite band they've seen in awhile because of our energy and our catchy songs. you can look at our pics of us hangin out with them on our myspace . it was their first show since releasing the album. and the first time they performed a dead world at sunrise live.

check us out!

the music up on our page is very old. and about to be taken off and replaced by our full length which you can compare to between the buried and me, the human abstract, and converge. its nothing like you hear on it now.

sereno's page

clip of our band that night

another clip of us

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