does anyone have any idea how david gilmour play slide guitar.. lol.

i was watching live at pompeii and he holds the slide with his picking hand and holds a chord down with his other hand.. and moves the slide up and down.

it looked like he was trying to sustain chords with his slide with the echo delays... so naturally, i try it. and im kinda looking for some techniques if anyone is familiar with this.
How dare you question God. . . honestly, haven't seen, he is probably just Barreing a chord, and then sliding just to sound the notes. . . since with sliding you don't really have to pick the notes anyways, it would only make too much sense. It's the same concept as normal slide guitar without having to retune your guitar to an open chord voicing. I don't even know if this answers you. . . in fact, I don't think it does, so I'll just shut up. Just slide kinda rough and vibrate your sliding hand so you can get a ring out of the strings?
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