Ive been playing bass for about 9 months, I originally picked it up because we couldnt find a bassist, but I like it better now than guitar. Early on the bass lines were written for me and consisted of either root notes or just following the guitar. Now Im in a band that leaves the bass lines up to me and Im finding it hard to write anything other than root notes.

My question is, how do I go beyond root notes? I also kinda wanna work a tapping section in the similar to A wilhelm scream(forgot the song). How would i know what to tap and what not to? Also, what can I do to strengthen my fingers for tapping?

Thanx in advance.
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That A Wilhelm Scream song would be The Horse, Brian the bassist, was way better in The Fullblast.
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Go through the bass lessons on this site if you want to learn basic bass line writing and a bit of theory as well.
learn your theory dude. everyone puts a lot of emphasis on it for a reason. now, keep in mind, its not 100% necessary, but it makes the writing process so much easier. thats all you can really do, considering you've only been playing nine months

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Yeah, definetly you need to learn some basic theory first. When i write bass lines i tend to play around with adding 4ths, 5ths, and octaves to make it sound better without having to worry too much about being in key.

I'm not actually a full-time bass player, but i don't find it that difficult to play without always using root notes.
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Well you can learn intervals of notes and play octaves, thirds, fifths fourths around the root note

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stick to the root notes and be pete wentz :P
lol jks

what i usually do is muck around with scales until i get something i like
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