Gday i have a big randall amp, and it only has one input, is there anyway to plug 2 guitars in succesfully?

I tried making a 2 into 1 adapter and using that but it was all screwed up like the volume on one guitar controlled the other etc.

Does anyone know of a way it can be done sucesfully?
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why would you want to? it will just sound really muddy with 2 guitars playing in the same amp
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a Y adapter with necessary 3.5 -> 1/4 inch adapters. pretty cheap.

it might blow your amp though im not sure.
no like i said i tried using a Y adapted and it didnt work all the volumes were all messed up and i could control the other guys guitar volume with my guitar volume knob
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Don't bother, it'll just sound crap.
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At school my friends and I use adapters to plug our guitars into one amp. From my experience the guitars with the best pickups will sound bad, and the guitars with the bad pickups will rape your ears if you manage to hear them through the better guitars.