Im looking to replace the bridge on my strat. Springs, tail piece, saddles, everything. Im giving my American made 2001 strat a make over with a fresh bridge and a set of bare knuckle pickups.

Im not looking for a eddie/dime/80's guitar hero floating trem.

I want a damn good strat bridge.

More for david gilmour/ jeff beck type playing

Price is no issue(for the most part)

What do you guys recommend?

And where can i get it(what website)

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the standard trem should be just fine.
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So help me.

you don't care for bridge you have why?
do you have a vintage fender bridge now?
do you plan to do vibrato or bends up and down?
have you looked at Wilkinson trems? search that maybe>
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I recently installed a Wilkinson VS100 and it is excellent. It's very smooth, the range is great, and the tone and sustain are much better than the standard mexi trem I had in before.
Wilkinsons are licensed tremolos, so make sure to get a Gotoh, since they're the only ones I know of who make the VS100 with a proper steel block. Stewmac has them:
string saver saddles.... are nasty i played a start with em it helped sustain and helps prevent string breaks... u can get those on almost any website... but as for a bridge the standard american strat bridge should be good unless your switching color or something...