Im looking to replace the bridge on my strat. Springs, tail piece, saddles, everything. Im giving my American made 2001 strat a make over with a fresh bridge and a set of bare knuckle pickups.

Im not looking for a eddie/dime/80's guitar hero floating trem.

I want a damn good strat bridge.

More for david gilmour/ jeff beck type playing

Price is no issue(for the most part)

What do you guys recommend?

And where can i get it(what website)

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super Vee? you know, just for the tuning benefits.
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What's wrong with the Fender stock bridge? Maybe try changing just the saddles to graphtech stringsavers. They have been getting great reviews.
Yeah, those fender bridges are really good. Why do you want to change it?
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i just got a wilkinson vintage trem and love it, id say its better than a fender. nice fat block and staggered string spacing

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super Vee? you know, just for the tuning benefits.

I love that practically every thread concerning strats and trem mods simply has you saying 'super vee?'. I've been leaning towards getting one for my strat and your wise words have made my decision iron clad!
I love that you bumped a thread from the summer of last year.

Please, no more zombie threads.
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